Build Complete Sets of Campaigns

The CampaignCloner makes the design, testing, implementation, and management of Google Ads campaigns much faster and easier.

The CampaignCloner: Competitive Advantage for Google Ads

Location search terms indicate buyers

Leverage Location

Invest where ROAS is greatest

Manage Markets

Rapid development of

Campaign sets

Integrated Design

Continuous production improvement

Real-time Updates

The four key capabilities of the CampaignCloner that can increase conversions and profitability

Create separate campaigns for each market

  • Built in files of cities, states, zips and counties

  • Standard Excel spreadsheet interface

  • User variables to customize for each market

Design and test complete sets of campaigns together

  • Ad and keyword "templates" simplify design

  • Simulator for ads, extensions, and landing pages

  • Complete URL and landing page testing

Load and update completed campaigns in production

  • Editor compatible files for error-free updates

  • Add, delete, modify markets by performance

  • Real time updates replace "build schedule"